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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Growing Capsules Science Experiment in Speech Therapy

I'm always looking for something fun and engaging to wrap up a thematic unit. Sometimes it's an art project, a thematic sensory bin activity, or a game. I also like to include simple science experiments in speech therapy because they are hands-on, engaging, and support curriculum guidelines. Simple science experiments can target articulation, phonology, language, fluency, pragmatic skills, and written language. Simple science experiments are ideal for mixed speech and language groups in the school setting, during speech camps, and summer ESY sessions. In this post, I will share how I used GROWING CAPSULES in speech therapy to target multiple goals and a free worksheet to draw and write about their experiment.

 Growing Capsules is an inexpensive and easy to find activity. Most dollar stores have a 12 pack of capsules for $1.00. You can find seasonal capsules, farm animals, ocean animals, dinosaurs, and more.  I purchased the Easter capsules which contained an egg, rabbit, basket, baby chick, llama, and flower. The only supplies needed for this science experiment in speech therapy are a cup, warm water, and paper towels.

I tested the growing capsule before I shared it with my students, and I learned it's important to use warm or hot water for the experiment. The coating on the capsule will not dissolve in cold water. I used a 4 cup measuring cup to warm up water in the microwave between sessions. You could also use a small hot plate in your speech room to keep water warm if that is an option in your location.


Students read each direction on the back of the package using correct production of their target sound and fluency strategies. Students also demonstrated comprehension of the written directions by answering wh-questions and restating the directions to the group in their own words. Each student had their own cup and I assisted them with pouring the water into the cups. 

Students made predictions and hypothesized what they thought would happen to the capsule after it was dropped into the warm water. What do you think will happen to the capsule when you drop it in the water? How long do you think it will take to change shapes? What shape do you think your capsule will be? Do you think it will sink or float? As the capsule opened, I heard rich descriptive language such as, "It's melting, it popped, it's blowing bubbles, watch it grow!"  Most students were excited and pleased with the outcome, but some were disappointed that the shape was not what they had hoped. This opened up opportunities for discussion and sharing of ideas. 

After completing our growing capsule experiment, students had the opportunity to draw and write about their experience. Some students drew just their shape. Others added details, such as a farm and chicken coop to the picture of the baby chick. They completed the sentence frames, "I made a ___." "My hypothesis was ___." I thought my capsule would ___." and "Instead, it ___."  We discussed the vocabulary term hypothesis, and generated descriptive verbs such as "melt, dissolve, explode," and "pop." 

Overall, this was a fun and engaging activity for my students in kindergarten through 5th grade. I'll be looking for more theme based growing capsules to incorporate into my sessions year round. The activity can be adapted to meet your students needs and IEP goals. You can grab this free worksheet from my TPT Store below. I hope you'll give it a try.

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Lisa, SLP

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