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Saturday, January 7, 2023

My Favorite Preschool Winter Songs

 Music and movement can be used to introduce young children to thematic units; link literacy, art, and movement; and create home to school connections. In a previous post, I shared my favorite preschool songs for following directions. In another post, I shared my favorite picture books for young children about winter clothing.

When I think about all the winter topics we can sing about, they include: snow, snowmen, hot chocolate, penguins, polar bears, hibernation, winter clothing, arctic animals, and more. In this post, I've chosen my favorite preschool winter songs. These songs can be used in individual sessions, during small group lessons, or during whole class instruction. Target articulation,  vocabulary, categorizing skills, following directions, descriptive language, sentence length (Mean Length of Utterance), rhyming, and auditory memory. Pair these songs with gestures,  props, and AAC to target core vocabulary, model gestalt language phrases, and build background knowledge.

5 Little Snowmen, Kids TV Nursery Rhymes

I hope you enjoy these preschool winter songs. Do you have a favorite winter preschool song? Leave a comment below.

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