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Sunday, August 7, 2022

My Favorite Preschool Songs for Following Directions

From their earliest interactions with caregivers, infants and toddlers enjoy cooperation and turn-taking activities. Early turn-taking games, songs, and finger plays, such as: "Patty-Cake." "Where is Thumbkin?," and "Open, Shut Them," establish the foundations for following directions and social interaction. It is important that infants and toddlers are engaged in playful learning with copycat games. They learn how to listen, attend to speakers, imitate actions, expand vocabulary, and share joint attention. 

By age three, children begin to follow multi-step directions and work cooperatively with others, build social relationships, and take on roles in their family (picking up toys, putting on and taking off clothing items, etc.). Music provides the bridge between learning and fun. We know that children learn through hands-on experiences, and engage different parts of their brain through music. Music also provides the springboard for social-emotional and language development.

A big part of my preschool therapy sessions include the use of music sandwiched between structured learning activities. I've put together a list of my 5 favorite songs and videos for teaching preschoolers basic concepts and the ability to follow directions. 

Open Shut Them by Super Simple Songs

One Little Finger by Super Simple Songs

Follow Me by Super Simple Songs

STOP by Patty Shukla

The Goldfish Song (Let's Go Swimming) By The Laurie Berkner Band

I hope you enjoy these preschool songs for introducing preschoolers to music and following directions. Do you have a favorite preschool song for following directions? Leave a comment below.

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Lisa, SLP

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