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Friday, July 7, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Follow Me on Bloglovin'

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Do you follow several educational and lifestyle blogs? Is your inbox full of weekly blog posts you wish you had time to catch up on? Do you have posts bookmarked for later to read in your "free time?" As the internet explodes with bloggers, I have found the most efficient platform for managing blogs is Bloglovin' This site allows readers a single platform to view thousands of blogs on any subject.

As a blogger and entrepreneur, I enjoy sharing my experiences, ideas, and resources with my customers, readers and followers. I have become part of a greater community of professionals. Bloglovin' offers easy access and organization of blogs and posts by subject or feeds.

Why I'm lovin' Bloglovin'

First, Bloglovin' is easy to set up. You can register for free using the website or with the Bloglovin' app from Apple iTunes or Google Play for Android devices. All you need to do is enter in basic personal information to create your free account. It is user friendly, easy to navigate, and you'll love the organizational features.

Second, you can categorize the blogs you follow. For example, I follow blogs for journal/planner organization, food/cooking, and of course, SPEECH THERAPY.  You can create a custom category then add the blogs you follow to those categories. Once you've chosen several blogs to follow, and you've added them to your categories, they can be accessed in My Feed.

Third, you can search by blog post topics (ex: "speech therapy") or by the blog name (ex: "My Speech Tools"). So if you follow my blog (and you should be), you'll notice that it is categorized under "educational." which allows a broad audience access in a search.

Finally, you will receive emails from Bloglovin' to let you know about new posts. Then, after you have read a post, you can mark it as read, share it with someone, or save it for later. 

my speech tools bloglovin'  my speech tools bloglovin'

Since I've been on Bloglovin' (both as a teacher-author and reader), I find myself part of a larger community, more informed, and inspired by others in both my personal and professional interests. So download the app, set up your profile and follow me on Bloglovin' today!

Lisa, SLP

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