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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Speech Therapy Room Organization with Command Hooks

One thing I really try to do for myself is stay as organized as possible. For me, I am a more effective therapist when I am organized. In our profession, we have resources for multiple ages and grade levels, various levels of disabilities, specialized curriculum, and tools and toys for just about every holiday.

I think if there was one organizational MUST HAVE for your speech room, I would suggest you invest in Command Hooks. You can find Command Hooks HERE on Amazon, or other stores such as Michaels, Wal-Mart, and Target.

In this post, I want to share three different ways you can organize your speech room with Command Hooks.

hand card decks command hooks
Use Command Hooks to organize your speech room and take advantage of vertical space. I punched a hole in the upper left corner of my card decks and hung them on the side of my filing cabinet. I added binder rings so they could hang easily. My filing cabinet is just inside my door so students walk right in and grab their sound card deck and get to work. I have been amazed at how much time this has saved. It also makes it so much easier for students to just flip through their cards and practice their speech sounds. In decks that have a set (A) and set (B), I only hung set (A). I have the other set put up in the cabinet. If I need it for a matching, Go Fish, or Memory Game, I just pull them down, and take the binder ring off set (A). The students have a visual cue that a card with a hole will match a card without a hole. 


hand clipboards command hooksHow do you keep keep up with your data sheets? I have a clipboard with my weekly data sheets. I also have a clipboard with my schedule that I carry when I pick up students. I organize my clipboards and use Command Strips to hang them on my closet door. It is easy to grab-and-go for a 5-Minuet Articulation session or  or a pull-out session outside a classroom.


hang progress ladders command hooks
I have two progress monitoring ladders hanging in my room on my closet doors. I punched holes at the top and hung them with binder rings on small Command Strips. You can download this FREEBIE speech therapy ladder from Speech Therapy Materials. I picked up white clothes pins and write students' initials with a permanent marker. At the end of each reporting period, students have the opportunity to move their clip up if they've made measurable gains towards their goal.

I LOVE using Command Hooks to organize my Speech Room! Even in a small speech room, you might have just enough room to hang a clipboard, or card deck for easy access.
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Lisa, SLP

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