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Friday, January 26, 2018

Try Doodle Buddy App in Speech Therapy for FREE

Do you search iTunes and Google for FREE apps to use in your speech therapy sessions? Are you wondering how to incorporate technology into your therapy session but aren't sure where to start? Doodle Buddy is a free app for your phone or tablet that is versatile for all ages. You can draw, color, paint, and create just about anything on Doodle Buddy. 

In this post, I want to show you 5 different ways you can start using Doodle Buddy today.

You can create articulation games, puzzles and scenes. By adding text with pictures, you can also create differentiated stories with varied levels of complexity. Use the stamps to find pictures with your desired target sound, place the picture on any background template or add your own background with the photo option. Students use the drawing feature to write, trace, circle or connect pictures as they practice correct productions.

Once upon a time...Doodle Buddy is a great app to target narrative story structure. Students build a story by starting with a background (setting). Then they can add different elements, including characters and events. Add in a conflict or something out of the ordinary. In the example here, I've added a a flying spaceship as well as baby chicks crossing the busy highway. The events and story options are endless with Doodle Buddy.

Sorting and Categorizing is a foundational cognitive linguistic skill in language development. If you have not read my blog "Why do SLPs Focus on Categorizing Skills?" read to the end of this blog where I have included the link. With Doodle Buddy you can create a number of sorting and categorizing activities. Here are a few ideas for using the stamps included in the app: farm animals, wild animals, dinosaurs, ocean animals, summer, winter, fall, spring, Halloween, transportation, fairy tales. By accessing these different themes, you can compare and contrast or sort items in two or more categories with your students. 

Doodle Buddy offers numerous backgrounds to choose from. Create thematic activities while targeting basic concepts and supporting the classroom curriculum. In the example here, I've created a birthday party picture with candles, party hats, bows, and balloons. Students can count items as well as compare quantity with target concepts such as: more, less, most, all together, some, all, etc. These are beginning concepts for early language learners but are also math vocabulary concepts necessary for academic success in PreK and kindergarten. 

If you are a traveling SLP, or even an SLP that travels within the building from one class to another, Doodle Buddy is an easy take-along reinforcement. Two of my favorite background templates are hangman and a tic-tac-toe. I will often grab my articulation cards and my iPad and head down the hall to see a student for a quick drill and practice session with Doodle Buddy as a reinforcement game. It's a quick NO-PREP lesson!

I hope that this post has sparked an interest in Doddle Buddy. It's a FREE app that you are sure to love as much as I do. If you already use Doodle Buddy, leave me a comment, I'd love to hear how you use this app in your speech therapy sessions.

Also, I've included the following link to this related blog post on the importance of targeting categorizing skills in your therapy sessions.

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Lisa, SLP

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